Aaron Carter Gets Emotional When Asked About Brother Nick

Looking good Aaron Carter looked to be in high spirits on Saturday as he flew into Washington D.C

Looking good Aaron Carter looked to be in high spirits on Saturday as he flew into Washington D.C

However, the 29-year-old singer has yet to hear from one of his greatest supporters - big brother, Nick Carter.

After announcing he was bisexual in a candid letter shared to social media last week, Aaron Carter has been receiving widespread support and love from fans and followers.

The star was recently stopped by paparazzi while traveling through the Washington DC airport, and "clammed up" at the mention of his brother, Nick Carter.

Aaron Carter and his brother Nick are they in cold weather?

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"When I was 4-years-old I thought Aaron Carter was so cool", Moretz said while at Variety's Power of Young Hollywood event, according to Huffington Post. "But I think he's not available.?"

Aaron Carter performed at Hamburger Mary's in Brandon and debuted his new song Hard to Love, which he wrote about his ex-girlfriend Madison Parker. Not only did he breakup with his girlfriend, but he also revealed that he's attracted to both boys and girls in an emotional Twitter message to fans.

As of yet, there has been no indication as to whether or not Chloe Moretz has even seen the Tweet but fans are assuming that she has and that she does not know what to say. "So we left it mutual and parted ways". Let's set up a date.

It has been rumored that Aaron Carter has asked out Chloe Grace Moretz following his revelation to the press that he is bisexual, however, he has also been discussing the male celebrities he might like to date.

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