Amazon Suspends Blu Smartphones' Sale After New Privacy Threat Reports

Screenshot by Ben Fox Rubin  CNET

Screenshot by Ben Fox Rubin CNET

Blu, the U.S. brand behind a line of cheap and cheery Android smartphones, has been temporarily suspended from selling its devices on Amazon following claims that they contain spyware.

Because of this revelation, CNET now reports that Amazon has chose to suspend the Miami-based Android company from selling Blu phones on its site. At the time of the previous security scare it was apparently determined BLU had things under control enough to keep the phones on sale - but now Amazon is pulling the plug 8 months later.

This issue was already fixed before.

However, despite BLU's claims that it has taken care of the issue, researchers from Kryptowire present at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas last week revealed that some BLU products are still sending data to the company's server located in Shangai without users' knowledge. In October of past year, Kryptowire first found spyware from Adups on the Blu R1 HD.

BLU and Shanghai Adups have defended the firmware, with the latter insisting that there have been security breaches.

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The Blu R1 HD had previously gotten into hot water for sharing user data.

It was transmitting a list of apps installed, apps used, unique device identifiers, including the MAC address and IMEI number, the phone number, and cell phone tower ID. This has in turn triggered a ban on all models from Amazon.

This is a big move for amazon and Blue, the smartphone maker was a key vendor in the Amazon Prime Exclusive Phones program this program sells smartphones at reduced prices in exchange for allowing Amazon to show buyers ads via lock screens and notifications.

Because security and privacy of our customers is of the utmost importance, all BLU phone models have been made unavailable for purchase on until the issue is resolved. Even though it is BLU's policy to only use GOTA moving forward, some older devices still use ADUPS OTA. There is nothing out of the ordinary that is being collected, and certainly does not affect any user's privacy or security.

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