Amelia Lily caught in love triangle

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2017

Amelia Lily caught in love triangle

After Chad grins sheepishly, Amelia says: 'That's the thing. While Sam looks for green tea, Jordan whispers to Amelia, "told you, Day 1 you and Sam I said it, I planted the seed".

They compete for "random prizes" but they don't know that who receives what was decided earlier by the now immune housemates Helen, Paul and Derek.

Tonight's episode will also see Amelia be given the chance to have a romantic dinner with someone else in the house. But it's better than a rebound, she's the kind of girl I'd actually date, that I actually like.

Amelia confessed Paul had upset her for "trying to make her feel like she had done something really bad", with him having got involved.

Amelia agreed and said: "That's the problem Chad, what started off as a joke has been blown out of proportion".

'I've been talking to her a lot this evening.

But Amelia Lily became the object of two men's affections on Saturday night, as she got caught in an awkward love triangle with Sam Thompson and Chad Johnson.

An embarrassed Chad tried to end the conversation, but admitted: "Yes I like you".

'You need to take me, ' Amelia insisted, to which Chad said flirtatiously: 'I'll show you how it's done'.

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Chad then won the other star containing the date prize, but Amelia wasn't sure about the date. Amelia replies, "I didn't mean it like that, it's all fun".

But Chad wasn't about to give up that easily and later flaunted his muscular prowess by measuring his biceps in front of Amelia and teasing her about her petite stature. When I do talk to her, I just have to be Chad'.

Paul then talks to Amelia about Chad - "he thought he was getting somewhere". You're not telling me. I feel like it's getting me into bother'. I'll just turn it back. I didn't do any of this.

As night falls, Chad opens up to Amelia in the bedroom about his feelings for her. Amelia says, "I hate awkwardness".

She pondered: "I think it's all because I said he was a handsome man and he is a very good looking man". I don't want anything with anyone.

It was a surprise for Trisha who rather bluntly told him: "That's not who you are supposed to go for in this house but I like it". There's an initial attraction, that's why I said I would kiss Amelia.

When Chad asks if she likes Sam, she says: 'I don't like anybody in that way. I'm not a mind reader'.

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