Are You Ready for the Next Total Solar Eclipse?

However, that's about to change.

"On Mon. Aug. 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse will start in OR and cross the country, leaving Charleston as one of the last places that people can see the eclipse before it goes out to sea". As such, don't be alarmed if you see your animal buddies behaving differently during the eclipse.

You will be able to view the sun on the the second sheet of paper. This is because, as viewed from the moon, Earth is bright in the sky and its weak light is enough to turn the lunar surface a pale, milky white.

From everything I've read it is worth the trip to travel and see the total eclipse. This ever-changing region grows and shrinks based on solar conditions، and researchers will use the eclipse as a ready-made experiment.

For those who want to know where to buy glasses to view the August 21 solar eclipse, the American Astronomical Society has some words of advice to guard against fake eclipse glasses being sold in numerous places that will not protect the eyes from injury.

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Your eye acts like a magnifying glass, focusing light onto your retina, light-sensitive tissue made up of rods and cone photoreceptors in the back of your eyeball. But somewhere on the planet about every 18 months or so, folks get to see a total eclipse, where the moon completely covers the sun. In conditions like this, approaching cars, with their high beams on, can blind you.

"We've SOLD OUT of Eclipse Glasses!" It became very dark, even the stars could be seen; it seemed to men as if everything were green, and the Sun became like a crescent of the Moon, from the horns of which a glow similar to that of red-hot charcoals was emanating. Astronomers call that an annular solar eclipse. You also can project the image.

Guests are welcome to watch the eclipse on their own from anywhere on the museum's 84-acre campus with proper eye protection, such as personal eclipse glasses.

Due to the earth's spherical shape, the 60- to 70-mile-wide umbra will sprint eastward across a swath from OR to SC at 2,900 miles per hour at the West Coast, slowing to 1,500 miles per hour by the time it reaches the East Coast.

However، the total solar eclipse will also have imperceptible effects، such as the sudden loss of extreme ultraviolet radiation from the Sun، which generates the ionised layer of Earth's atmosphere، called the ionosphere.

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