How to resolve the North Korea crisis

Donald trump warns North Korea again

Donald trump warns North Korea again

Ba Dianjun, director of the Center for Northeast Asia at Jilin University, underscored that despite the mutual aid and cooperation friendship treaty between China and North Korea, Beijing will not come to help if Pyongyang attacks first.

But, the Global Times warned that if the us strikes first and tries to overthrow the North Korean regime, China will step in to defend its neighbor.

Not to be outdone, North Korea issued its own warning, saying that if the US launches an attack, they will "immediately reduce the USA mainland into a field of nuclear war".

Winning to Beijing, Moscow, and Pyongyang looks exactly like what President Obama's Director of National Intelligence, General Clapper, proposed in a July 8 interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper-learn to live with a nuclear North Korea.

China, Russia, and North Korea don't think so.

In an editorialŲŒ The Global Times said China should tell both sides that "when their actions jeopardize China's interestsŲŒ China will respond with a firm hand".

Moscow is concerned about North Korea not only because Russian Federation is a nuclear power and a member of the U.N. Security Council but because, like China, it shares a border with North Korea. This way leads to global nuclear war, or to global surrender by the West, and a new world order dominated by Russia, China, North Korea and Iran.

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But, as The Washington Post notes, the paper isn't an "official mouthpiece" for the party. "At the same time, China will respond if the United States decides to attack North Korea", Asmolov said. Like Beijing, Moscow is not enthusiastic about Korean unification on the South's terms, since South Korea is a close USA military ally. In the current situation a little spark can ignite a fire in the region.

Since years, North Korea has been surviving with the support of US' direct rival, China.

While German officials have warned of the "very serious situation" unfolding between its ally and North Korea, Berlin has yet to affirm support for a U.S. incursion.

Tensions on the Korean Peninsula have recently intensified due to North Korea's multiple nuclear tests and ballistic missile launches conducted in violation of UN Security Council resolutions.

Immediately, move more THAAD interceptors to South Korea, more Aegis anti-missile ships around North Korea and in the Gulf of Mexico, strengthening USA missile defenses.

SDI, leveraging America's technological superiority, could render nuclear missiles obsolete-and thereby checkmate North Korea, Iran, China, and Russian Federation.

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