HTC U11 Could Get Bluetooth 5.0 In Firmware Update

HTC U11 to get Bluetooth 5.0 support via software update

HTC U11 Could Get Bluetooth 5.0 In Firmware Update

Unfortunately, while HTC is going through the process of updating the U11 to support Bluetooth 5.0, there's no word on when the update will officially land on the handset. While every companies are trying to integrate the newly launched Bluetooth version 5.0 into their next devices, the HTC stands a step ahead with the supporting for new technology through a simple software update.

Since the new Bluetooth 5 chip set became available early in 2017, however, we have yet to see a slew of devices that support the new standard. According to HTC, the intent is to "enable bluetooth 5.0 by software without any hardware change". It will also increase the connectionless data broadcast capacity by eight times.

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Bluetooth 5.0 is only found in some of the latest flagship phones like the Galaxy S8 and S8+.

At present, if you are streaming music wirelessly on a Bluetooth speaker, the moment you move away, the stream tends to stutter. Bluetooth 5 is still new and compatible hardware and chips only started shipping early this year. Also, setting up wireless accessories such as headphones and keyboard will be frictionless. In addition, the maximum data throughput of Bluetooth signals has been raised to 2Mbps, which is two times more than what is now possible in a Bluetooth connection. For low energy devices this means down to Bluetooth 4.0 LE, and for all the others the interoperability goes back to the specification of the Bluetooth 1.1.

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