I 'Lost A Little Bit Of My Pinky'

I 'Lost A Little Bit Of My Pinky'

I 'Lost A Little Bit Of My Pinky'

Lucky for us, Strahan wasn't out long and was back on TV the next day with a wounded pinky finger.

Michael Strahan returned to "Good Morning America" on Wednesday wearing a bandage on his hand, explaining that he had missed Tuesday's show because of a hand injury that cost him part of his pinky finger.

'I had a little accident. Lost a little bit of my pinky, ' Strahan told his fellow GMA co-hosts, Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos.

"A guy before just said, 'Michael, we pinky swear.' Or something like that", he said on Wednesday morning's show, according to Us Weekly.

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At a Knicks-Raptors NBA game past year, the Hall of Famer sat next to "Hamilton" creator Lin-Manuel Miranda and showed off his bizarrely angled fingers, leading to a tweeted picture getting wide circulation again. "Also, thanks to football, his fingers do THIS", he wrote.

Back in 2009, the former National Football League star talked about his injured hands saying that his fingers don't really line up. "I am happy to be back".

The athlete confessed that it was all because of grabbing people on the field. "That's probably the most pain I've ever been in".

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