Jimmy Kimmel Offers Trump Voters A Way Out Of This Mess

"You know that list of side effects at the end of a pharmaceutical ad? He apparently has all of them", he said. He played some clips and shook his head. And Meyers wasn't the only one with a anxious face - there was also White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, pictured on the sidelines. Trump's the guy that walks out of "Star Wars" thinking they didn't have to blow up the Death Star.

Meyers: "Trump is so fully out of his mind, he broke a general".

Stephen Colbert, who has made Trump his target most nights on "The Late Show", also weighed in on the press conference - which he said must have originated from the "seventh circle of hell" - in his Tuesday show. Just ask the millions of illegal voters who refused to look for Obama's birth certificate during my record-breaking inauguration, okay? Because this is what it actually says: "'The winery is not owned, managed or affiliated with Donald J. Trump, the Trump Organization or any of their affiliates.' So the winery may not be his, but at least now we know where he gets all his sour grapes".

President Trump went on to say that with the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville, "where does it stop?" and referenced that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were slave owners.

"You know, everyone's asking if Trump's gonna last four years. It would make no difference at all", Kimmel said.

"We went into the weekend worrying about Kim Jung-Un starting a war and came out of it wondering if our President is cutting eyeholes out of his bedsheets". Kimmel had the longest and most thought-out response, maybe because he tapes on West Coast time, and he also offered a solution of sorts.

"I wouldn't be lying if I said I would feel more comfortable if [Game of Thrones character] Cersei Lannister was running this country", he said. Kimmel then refuted it by mentioning how Trump accused former President Obama of being born in Kenya and how Trump claimed Ted CruzTed CruzThe Memo: "Trump tries to quiet race storm Cruz calls for Justice Department investigation into Charlottesville violence THE MEMO: "Trump's base cheers attacks on McConnell MORE's father killed President Kennedy". "This was the presidential equivalent of that".

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Finally, Kimmel made a direct appeal to those who voted for Trump. "Think about it", he said. The show replayed Trump's comments, saying, "I think there's blame on both sides, and I have no doubt about it and you don't have any doubt about it either". "So here's the thing".

Then Kimmel tried to de-escalate. In addition to the humor, he added: "How can you possibly say that you condemn this in the strongest possible terms when you don't even name the groups responsible or say what they did?" 'All right, I got caught up.

"You were unhappy with the way things were going". Jimmy Fallon of "The Tonight Show", who had been criticized from some quarters for with having been too soft during Trump's appearance on "Tonight" back during the campaign, felt compelled on this occasion to speak out in a way he has not before on his show - and it was his own personal call to step up and do so, according to a person familiar with the production. "Every day, there's something nuts", he said. He screws up royally every day.

Now, it's clear to everyone that putting this guy into office was a mistake, but this poses a huge problem to his voters: admitting they were wrong about Donald means that those pesky liberals were right. (Hey, at least the Game of Thrones queen doesn't have press conferences, and got rid of all the radical extremists in Kings Landing last season.) He then ran down a list of all the insane, horrifying things Trump has done so far, and noted if he said everything, the list would be "longer than the menu at the Cheesecake Factory".

Kimmel ended his rant by offering Trump supporters a way out: "You can do one of two things".

"Let's make America Great Britain again!"
Well, it's an idea.

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