Loose Women's Stacey Solomon celebrates her 'saggy boobs'

Stacey Solomon Instagram

INSTAGRAM BODY POSITIVE The star shared her message to over 450,000 followers

Stacey Solomon has stuck two fingers up to the pressures to be "bikini body ready" by sharing an empowering video honouring her lumps and bumps.

The 27-year-old mum of two, who is often candid about her life on the ITV panel show, took the courageous step of posting a full bikini video on her Instagram to share an inspiring, positive message to fans.

"Thank you so much for this".

"You're all perfectly imperfect and unique and lovely".

After shaking her bum into the camera, the mum-of-two points at her hips and says "muffin top" before lying on the floor and joking: 'Not only are they insulating, but who else can lay this comfortably on a stone floor without the help of these babies'. When I wear a bikini I totally have that - in fact, I have it when I'm wearing jeans (when I'm standing up and sitting down) - who doesn't? "Such an I inspiration to me and my saggy, muffin topped self".

Next, Stacey diverted attention to her "saggy boobies".

Stacey highlighted that her breast assets can be used as a handbag for holiday essentials - and even demonstrated by storing a pair of sunglasses and an ice pop under her bikini top.

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Last but not least, we come to stretchmarks.

In the video, Solomon points to her stretch marks and says she loves them because they "provide hours of entertainment for the children".

"I thought I'd make a little holiday video celebrating my society labelled "imperfections" because actually I love them, they're part of me, and they have their uses," she added.

It's a noble aim, and I absolutely agree that society does tend to ignore (or belittle) bodies which are not model-thin and, in many cases, surgically enhanced.

She shared the footage with her 458,000 followers with the caption: "Shout out to everyone on holiday worrying about how they look!"

Stacey's fun, light-hearted clip has been viewed over 200,000 times and has struck a chord with many.

A couple of weeks ago we saw Nadia Sawalha challenge Kaye Adams to a trampoline challenge to see who would pee themselves first and now Stacey Solomon has given fans a guide to the bits of her body she thinks are not flawless but that she is proud of.

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