Nintendo Unveils New 2DS Original Model Bundle

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Nintendo Unveils New 2DS Original Model Bundle

The box art for Super Mario Odyssey is a fantastic collage of scenes showcasing the talented plumber embarking on some of his grandest adventures yet.

The bundle will consist of a white-and-red 2DS (Don't be confused with 2DS XL) and a digital copy of New Super Mario Bros.

This bundle can play all games within the DS and 3DS libraries, with the exception of any titles that require the power of the newest editions of the DS systems.

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The New Nintendo 2DS XL launched just this weekend, but it looks like Nintendo has another option ready to go for their handheld lineup. Assuming Super Mario Odyssey's quality keeps up throughout, this will be an essential Switch title, and, just perhaps, one of the greatest Mario games of all time.

Nintendo also pointed out that there are quite a few games set to release this fall for their portable consoles, which will include this latest 2DS bundle. Monster Hunter Stories will release in North America on September 8, while Yo-Kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters will release September 29 in North America and Europe.

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