The International 2017 Grand Final

Image via Valve

Image via Valve

With those victories out of the way, Liquid secured themselves a spot in the grand finals against Newbee, and guaranteeing at least second place.

The Top 3 teams are set. Each were considered a favorite in the tournament before TI began, but once the main event got underway, the two teams' paths diverged. In Game 1 of the upper bracket series between Newbee and LGD.Forever Young, Newbee stood its ground in what appeared at first to be an utter stomp by the young, hotshot LFY squad.

Team Liquid are the victors of The International 7, a Dota 2 tournament with over $US24 million in prize pool. Still, Newbee leaves with a second place prize of nearly $3.9 million. They simply never made any huge mistakes, and they punished Liquid's lack of effective gap closers with a last-pick Sniper. Forever Young, who sought a rematch against Newbee in the Grand Final after Friday's loss. At this point, Newbee needed to stay alive, Liquid needed just one game, and beach balls of unknown origin were flooding Key Arena. They will face the victor of Lower Bracket Finals; the victor of LFY vs Liquid.

Even though TL defeated Empire, Resolut1ion had an awesome run for a team I considered to already be one of the weakest going into the event.

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Team Liquid have performed exceedingly well this year, ruthlessly eliminating Team Empire and LGD Gaming 2-0 each in the Lower Bracket rounds 3 and 5, respectively. Perhaps it's a result of the fact that popular Lebanese gamer GH joined the team in January this year - a gamer who once gained notoriety for reaching over 9K MMR in the Dota 2 Matchmaking leaderboards and consequently becoming the highest-ranked player in Europe. Ultimately, however, Newbee proved unable to course correct, and ultimately fell to Liquid in straight sets.

Many fans had hoped that Newbee might become the first Dota 2 Organization to secure a second global title, to accompany the Aegis the team won in 2014 at TI4. Meanwhile, Liquid fans are likely ecstatic for team captain Kuro "KuroKy" Salehi Takhasomi, who has failed to place in the top six of the global since 2013, as a member of esports organization Alliance despite appearing at six of the seven Internationals.

One final fight sealed the deal, handing Liquid the Aegis and a multi-million dollar win, capping off an incredible two weeks of Dota 2.

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