Vin Diesel teases upcoming Fast & Furious live tour

Vin Diesel Fast And Furious 7

The Fast And The Furious: Vin diesel will travel the world for his upcoming Live show tour

Diesel announced Wednesday on Facebook that he will be starring in the upcoming "Fast and Furious" live show. He took his Facebook handle on Thursday to inform the fans about his fast and furious, live show.

If you thought that the world of Fast and Furious was going to be constrained by the limits of the silver screen, you would be oh-so-wrong.

You'll soon get to see those gravity-spurning "Fast and the Furious" stunts in a massive arena alongside a member of the family: the one and only Vin Diesel. Also, told us that recently I'm in NY, filming something which will be different than usual, and something one has never seen.Vin diesel also told their fans that the show will head from the United Kingdom. "It'll be a way for you to see the action first-hand, first time it's ever been done".

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"I think it's first going to be showed at the O2 Arena in London, but it's going to go all over the world and we're really excited about it", Diesel said.

The star and executive producer of the series, who was wearing his character's mechanic shirt, said he was in the middle of shooting for the event that "will transport fans straight into some of the most memorable scenes and stunts from the films". With numbers like that, it's no surprise that Diesel is looking for some way to bring more Fast & Furious to fans all over the world.

Because this is Vin Diesel we're talking about, his video is not without a moment of vanity.

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