What kind of glasses do you need to view the eclipse safely?

Solar eclipse glasses that will be handed out by the community are

Solar eclipse glasses that will be handed out by the community are

Space.com said Friday, Aug. 11 was the last day to order glasses and have them shipped with ground shipping to arrive before the eclipse, although Amazon Prime customers still have time to get them with the free two-day shipping that comes with the membership.

While Brookings will not be in the total eclipse path, the community will still have a pretty good show, experiencing a partial eclipse with.91 magnitude.

That's when people in a 70-mile path from OR to SC will have the eerie midday experience of seeing the sun blotted out by the moon. "The shadow itself is traveling at about roughly 1,500 miles an hour, and it ends in Charleston, South Carolina, around 2:45 or so p.m. local time". The Adirondack Public Observatory's viewing event will last from 12:30 p.m.to 4.

One important thing to remember especially for pet owners is that just like our own eyes, our pets' eyes may incur damages from directly looking at the sun as well. Even in an eclipse, the sun's rays overload the retina and can burn the eye leaving long-lasting damage.

Here in the Adirondacks, the eclipse will be around 62 percent, creating a crescent sun. The solar filters, which must meet the worldwide standard ISO 12312-2, are used in eclipse glasses and hand-held filters.

Peru State College in Nebraska, which lies in the path of the eclipse, ordered 7,500 pairs for students but discovered the shipment from a Chinese distributor was defective and came with safety certificates for ordinary sunglasses.

Already bought your glasses to see the solar eclipse?

Read and follow all directions that come with your glasses or filters. It's very exciting for them and they may want to take the eye protection off.

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After looking at the sun, turn away to remove your filters or glasses.

"It's not uncommon for there to be eclipses; they happen fairly regularly", APO Vice President Seth McGowan said, "but a full eclipse is pretty spectacular looking, and the fact that it is just carving its way across the United States is not common at all".

To view the eclipse safely, you should wear solar viewing glasses.

You will also need to use solar filter on cameras, binoculars and telescopes and don't use eclipse glasses to look through them.

The only one way to safely view a partial or total eclipse is with certified solar glasses - simple sunglasses are not enough. The clinic is located at 2311 Yorkshire Drive.

The Oak Ridge Public Library will give out 500 pairs of eclipse glasses to library patrons on Monday, August 14.

The solar eclipse is August 21.

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