55 infants die last month in Indian hospital

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Fifty children had died at the Farrukhabad district hospital in Uttar Pradesh in August due to perinatal asphyxia or oxygen deprivation. Hospital authorities had said yesterday that it has 18 incubators. "We need new and improved technology to treat infants and we are working on the same".

Under central government norms, for 3,000 deliveries, at least 16 special newborn care units (SNCUs) are required. It has an incubator facillity, which other hospitals, especially tribal ones, lackHaving delivered a baby at 4 am at a local private hospital in Peint, Padma Kumbhar was told to immediately shift her 1.5 kg baby boy to Nashik Civil Hospital, as they had an incubator facility avaliable.

Total 187 children have died in this hospital in the past five months. He also sanctioned Rs 21 crore for woman and child section of the hospital.

Nearly half of the babies admitted to the hospital are born outside, and such babies are more likely to develop bacterial infections, the minister said.

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"Underweight infants are prone to falling ill because of weak digestive systems and breathing disorders if they have poor-functioning lungs, which leads to fatalities". The authorities have denied that deaths were caused due to medical negligence.

"In the month of August we have had 55 deaths, the main reason is that we have no ventilators". "Most of these deaths occurred because the infants were brought from private hospitals at a stage where there was little chance of recovery".

NCP legislator Jaywantrao Jadhav, who visited the civil hospital said that not a single ventilator set was available in any state civil hospital, including the one at Nashik.

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