A woman has given birth without any help, during the hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma's strong winds made it almost impossible for paramedics and other rescue crews to effectively respond to all the emergency calls that came in.

A 911 operator was able to talk the new mum through the birth on Sunday morning, New York Post reports.

"Then she also gave birth to the placenta. She's stable at home", said Assistant Fire Chief Eloy Garcia, according to the Herald.

A FRANTIC woman was forced to deliver her OWN baby while on the phone to 911 operators after hurricane Irma cut her off from paramedics. The dispatcher told him how to attach it.

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She and her newborn daughter were taken to hospital. Out of 41 rescue calls overnight could only respond to 3.

On Saturday, the new mother was released from the hospital, and Miami-Dade police helped her and Nayiri to the hotel where they'll wait out the storm.

"Welcome to the world baby Nayiri Storm!" the department captioned the shot. A flawless name for her safe arrival under less-than-perfect circumstances.

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