Apple hikes iPad Pro prices by $50 following iPhone announcement event

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Apple hikes iPad Pro prices by $50 following iPhone announcement event

Apple is one of the manufacturers contributing to the shortage: the three new iPhones that debuted yesterday, including the high-end iPhone X, need DRAM and NAND chips.

The price increase sees the 256GB 10.5-inch iPad Pro rise to $799 (up from $749). That's up a whopping £80 on the £889 Apple was advertising before the event on Tuesday.

Apple's CFO Luca Maestri mentioned a "cost pressure" from memory in the company's second quarter earnings call, with the iPad Pro the first of Apple's gadgets to take the brunt of price that pressure.

After unveiling a deluge of new products last night, Apple has chose to quietly increase the prices of some of its iPad Pro models.

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For now however the 64GB models have remained the same, and some stores don't seem to have updated their prices yet, so if you act fast you may still be able to get a larger storage capacity at the old price. Perhaps it has decided margins on the professional tablets aren't wide enough?

The 512GB iPad Pro is now $999, up from $949. There is a similar increase for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

Apple has also increased the price of the tablets in more countries, these include the United Kingdom and Australia. That's a less step hike, but a hike nonetheless.

Why do you think Apple is raising the price on existing products?

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