Ariel Winter Shares Sweet Message For Boyfriend Levi Meaden's Birthday

Ariel Winter Shares Sweet Message For Boyfriend Levi Meaden's Birthday

Ariel Winter Shares Sweet Message For Boyfriend Levi Meaden's Birthday

After suffering what Winter described as "a really rough period, a really bad chapter", Sacks reported Winter's living situation to the Los Angeles Dept. of Children's Services, complete with a letter from "Modern Family" co-creator Steve Levitan.

Not to mention, Winter said food was "very, very restricted" from the time she began acting at 4-years-old, and her education was totally placed on the back burner.

The Modern Family star is still only 19, but she has already experienced enough career drama to last a lifetime, winning a battle to force her mother to give up custody of her when she was 14.

But Winter will never forget what it felt like to be growing up and feeling sexualized as early as age seven.

Winter - who says she hasn't spoken to her mom, Crystal Workman, in five years - recalls being dressed in "the smallest miniskirts, sailor suits, low-cut things (and) the shortest dresses you've ever seen" when she was a child. "People call me stupid because I post photos of my butt when the real thing is, I love my butt". And it doesn't mean you're not one, ' she said.

Now 19, Winter is opening up about her hard childhood and how she finally found freedom.

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"My boyfriend and I live together he cooks [and] takes care of all the handy stuff".

After shielding her face from the bright lights of the paparazzi's cameras, Ariel jumped in the driver's seat to get her other half home after his big night.

"The reason I'm going to college is because I do want knowledge in another field". College isn't the college experience for me.

Her father Glenn, Winter said, mostly wasn't around during her upbringing. I'm not going to be in a sorority, I'm not going to network, I'm not even really going to make my lifelong friends.

Ariel was taken into the care of her sibling in a court-ordered guardianship in May 2014, before declaring that she was officially emancipated via her Twitter page in May 2015. "I'm going to college because I genuinely want to learn", she said.

Winter, who stars as the brainy Alex Dunphy on "Modern Family", has since reconciled with her father, who is no longer married to Workman, according to THR.

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