Bank of England says likely to raise interest rates in coming months

Pound recovers to levels seen post-EU referendum

Bank of England says likely to raise interest rates in coming months

In a speech in Washington on Monday, Carney said that's one reason why the central bank may need to increase interest rates in the coming months, echoing the surprise statement issued by United Kingdom policy makers just last week.

Carney said Britain's current weakness is a rare experience over the past three decades, noting that the only other times it's trailed the pack were in the depths of the global financial crisis around 2008-9, and following the collapse of an economic boom in the late 1980s that had been fueled by tax cuts and deregulation in financial markets.

The message was subsequently hammered home by Governor Mark Carney and uber-dove Gertjan Vlieghe. Carney angered many Brexit supporters before last year's referendum by saying leaving the European Union would probably hurt the economy.

Yesterday, Mark Carney, who is the Governor of the BoE alluded to a increase in the United Kingdom interest rate in the next few months in order to deal with the inflationary pressures, and there is also talk of reigning in the current Quantitative Easing (QE) program. "On balance, the de-integration effects of Brexit can be expected inflationary", he said. Britain's inflation rate has accelerated this year, due in large part to the fall in the value of the pound since the referendum decision in June 2016 to leave the EU.

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After lowering their GDP and wage growth forecasts in August, the Bank prompted interest rate hike odds below 20% but events this week have seen odds on tightening before the end of the year hit 66%.

It has been suggested by HSBC, who is one of the UK's "big four" banks, said Monday morning, they think the Bank of England will be raising interest rates twice, within the next year. In his view, the case is reinforced by the possibility that global equilibrium interest rates may be rising.

The Bank of England this week forced through a major adjustment in market expectations for future interest rate levels in the United Kingdom with communications suggesting that the first interest rate rise in ten years might come as soon as November. That means that monetary policy "has to move in order to standstill".

In contrast, the US Federal Reserve continues to raise borrowing costs and the European Central Bank is also expected to start reducing stimulus measures for the eurozone.

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