Christian organ transplant recipient 'amazed' after girl breaks donation record

Christian organ transplant recipient 'amazed' after girl breaks donation record

Christian organ transplant recipient 'amazed' after girl breaks donation record

NHS Blood and Transplant are urging potential donors to speak to family members about their wishes during Organ Donation Week - which ends tomorrow - after revealing many families are often unsure and decide it is safer to say no. Just a couple of weeks before her sudden collapse in March 2012, the family had a conversation about organ donation because a family friend had died in a auto crash.

Jemima Layzell, who died at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, is the only donor whose solid organs have been transplanted to eight recipients, the NHS Blood and Transplant data shows.

The family friend was "on the register, but their organs couldn't be donated because of the circumstances of their death", said Sophy Layzell, the mother of Jemima.

"We knew Jemima was willing to be a donor following a conversation about it a couple of weeks before her unexpected death", the Telegraph quoted Jemima's mother, Sophy Layzell, 43, a drama tutor as saying.

"We had no idea Jemima was the only person whose organs were transplanted into eight different people until NHS Blood and Transplant told us".

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"Jemima had never heard of organ donation before and found it a little bit unsettling but totally understood the importance of it", Lazyzell said.

Jemima Layzell, from Somerset, who died in 2012, donated her heart, pancreas, lungs, kidneys, small bowel and liver. By the time Jemima's organ donations were complete, she had set a record in the United Kingdom for donating the most organs in the country.

"Shortly after Jemima died, we watched a programme about children awaiting heart transplants and being fitted with Berlin Hearts in Great Ormond Street Hospital". There are now 6,414 people including 176 children who are on the waiting list for an organ transplant. I feel their despair but WE have to help them. "It's only with prior knowledge of Jemima's agreement that we were able to say yes".

But they probably didn't imagine that over five years later, Jemima would have managed to give life to others - a record number of people, in fact, according to The Guardian.

Following the wonderful news of Jemima managing to help so many people after her death, Sophy says it's "important for families to talk about organ donation". "If so, shouldn't you be prepared to donate?" "It's good to be on the organ donor register, but it's important to tell your loved ones that this is what you'd like to happen should a tragedy happen to you, because it's the loved ones who would then need to know your decision".

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