Coulee Region Humane Society takes in dogs from Texas

Coulee Region Humane Society takes in dogs from Texas

Coulee Region Humane Society takes in dogs from Texas

The Central Coast is now home to more than 100 dogs and cats displaced by Hurricane Harvey.

The dogs in this trip range from 5 months old to 3 years in age, and will be available for adoption at the Tacoma shelter, 2608 Center St., in the next few days.

Shelters from all over Hampton Roads are helping to take them in.

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump have donated $25,000 to the Houston Humane Society following Hurricane Harvey.

The HHS says it plans to use the President and First Lady's generous gift to help pets and their human parents in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

They loaded the homeless pets into a van and brought them to MI.

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"This is creating room so that Houston shelters can be on the front lines", said Hawkins.

It can take them some adjusting as they get used to the new environment. "If we can help we're going to go down there and help and we're going to do everything we can with dedication and passion", said Kathy Bilitzke, Director of Marketing and Communications for MHS. They will care for these pets until they find their forever homes.

"When there is a crisis the shelters do come together to help", said Tucker.

The shelters in Houston are keeping dogs that will or have already reunited with their owners.

One group already brought in 27 animals, another 22 arrived Thursday evening.

"They're getting a good shot at a forever home and a happy life", said McLaughlan.

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