Fast Food Workers Around the Country Went on Strike for Labor Day

Workers demonstrate for a $15 minimum wage in Boston on Monday Sept. 4 2017

Workers demonstrate for a $15 minimum wage in Boston on Monday Sept. 4 2017

The rally was one of more than 300 planned across the country on Labor Day.

Fast food workers won a significant victory three years ago, when it was announced New York State would incrementally raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2021, but some say this needs to happen sooner. The rallying workers will meet outside the McDonald's on Tremont Street in Boston. The demonstrators then marched to Oak Woods Cemetery and the burial site of famed civil rights fighter Ida B. Wells - which is marked by only a small nondescript gravestone - and demanded that a properly respectful monument to Ms. Wells replace the insulting federal monument to pro-slavery soldiers that now mars the cemetery.

"There are families that live on this check", Cephas said. "What we've seen across the Strip and downtown is that workers doing similar jobs are able to have a middle-class life by having a union contract, good benefits, and good wages". "The average age is 23 to 30 in fast food, because the economy has changed".

Among them was Laura Williams, 50, who has worked full-time at the Portillo's in River North for four years and earns $11.07 an hour, just pennies above the IL minimum wage that went into effect July 1.

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"(We're) getting the short end of the stick", said daycare worker Dallia De Jesus.

This summer, voters in Kansas City approved setting the city's minimum wage at $15 per hour over the course of several years, but later in the summer, Gov. Greitens signed a new state law preventing cities from setting their own minimum wage. IL governor Bruce Rauner vetoed such a bill in August, while in May House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi promised to pass a $15 minimum wage if Democrats take the House of Representatives next year. "But it's important to fight for $15 as a minimum wage, and it's something that we should all be working in solidarity with each other to achieve".

"Minimum wage jobs are not just for high school people", said Lupe Guzman, an employee at Carl's Jr. The result is a 6% decrease in pay for workers, or about $125 less per month compared to 2014.

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