Hemingway house staff refuse to leave cats behind

Hemingway house staff refuse to leave cats behind

Hemingway house staff refuse to leave cats behind

The staff plan to have 55 cats - descendants of a six-toed cat owned by Hemingway and live on the property - ride out the storm in the museum with them. He said that the limestone had retained the air-conditioning that made the building so comfortable, and that the staff would probably accompany the cats in the house overnight once more. "[The home is] a very comfortable place for the cats, very comfortable place for our employees".

Hurricane Irma blew over Key West on Sunday, but the area did not suffer the expected damage, The Washington Post reported. It remains a popular tourist attraction for visitors to the Keys. "It's just trees and foliage and cars". They can be found sleeping under the shade of tropical plants, hiding in custom kitty structures, stretched by the swimming pool or cooling off amid the Art Deco tiles of the bathroom.

Perkins says there's historical evidence they'll all be fine.

Their fate as Irma approached was the subject of much angst among their many fans.

Caretaker Jacqui Sands, who is 72, remained at the house - a National Historic Landmark that is officially known as the Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum.

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"The cats seemed to be more aware sooner of the storm coming in, and in fact when we started to round up the cats to take them inside, some of them actually ran inside, knowing it was time to take shelter", he said.

"I think that you're a wonderful and admirable person for trying to stay there and save the cats, and save the house, and all that stuff", Hemingway told TMZ on Friday.

"I have been watching the news, and people keep talking about how low-lying the keys are", Gonzales said.

The Spanish Colonial-style building, near the westernmost point of Key West, was built in 1851 and became home to the author and his second wife, Pauline Pfeiffer, 80 years later.

He added, "We answer to a higher authority, and we feel very confident the outcome for us is going to be very good".

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