Jaipur clashes: One cop dead, curfew imposed in Ramganj

Jaipur: Clashes erupt after a policeman hit woman, 1 cop dead, 10 injured [VIDEO]

Jaipur eruption: Curfew imposed in parts of the city, 1 cop killed

According to eyewitnesses the tension prevailed when a policeman hit a Muslim woman sitting on a motor bike with a lathi (baton) after the policeman tried to stop a bike for a routine vehicle checking in Ramganj police station area. The officer conducting the check allegedly hit the man as he tried to ride away.

The constable allegedly assaulted the couple, which led to aggravation among locals and they gathered around Ramganj police station.

Three vehicles including a 108 ambulance and an electricity transformer were also set on fire by the irate mob.

"A unimportant question between a police constable and a cruiser borne couple toward the end of last night prompted conflicts between local people and the police, following which the check in time was forced around 1 AM in Ramganj zone, where the brutality broke out", Jaipur Police Commissioner Sanjay Agarwal said. The localities of Manak Chowk, Subhash Chowk, and Galta Gate are also under curfew. The curfew has been imposed since 2am in the night and mobile internet services have been suspended till the next orders.

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The Curfew was imposed in some parts of Jaipur city after a mob clashed with cops on Saturday morning resulting in the death of a person and injuring 12.

There was an ongoing law and order situation and a mob attacked the Ramganj police station.

Moments later, hundreds of angry people gathered outside the police station and began to create ruckus.

While a mob showered stones at the police, torched nearby vehicles and vandalized public property, the cops opened fire in retaliation after the use of tear gas and rubber bullets reportedly failed to control the situation.

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