Jennifer Garner cries over 'Hamilton' while delirious on anesthesia

We're SO Here for Jennifer Garner High on Laughing Gas

Jennifer Garner cries over 'Hamilton' after dental anesthesia

The actress celebrated Throwback Thursday on Instagram by posting a video showing herself emotionally talking about her love of the musical "Hamilton".

Jennifer Garner is remembering her shot - of Novocaine. It's only been two weeks since Garner joined Instagram, and this video-her seventh post-has been viewed more than 22,000 times.

Sadly, she didn't elaborate on which track from the Tony-winning musical sparked such emotion, but her friend on the phone found the story delightful regardless. That honor goes to David Devore, who went viral on YouTube after his father posted a video of the then-7-year-old loopy from a dental procedure. "I said, it's so's so beautiful", she enthuses, still moved by the music but also laughing at her own drug-induced stupor.

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"I listened to that song and it was so lovely", she continued, "That music was so pretty and so I told them about it...they have to see it". "So, I told him he had to see it". Her speech slurred, Garner is clearly still feeling the effects of what she captioned "dental anaesthesia. laughing gas + novocaine".

She's right, you really should.

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