Klarides Says Approval of GOP Budget Signals New Direction for CT

Malloy Vetoed The Bipartisan Budget

Malloy vetoes budget he calls unbalanced and unsustainable

One day after receiving the Republican-backed budget that narrowly made it through the General Assembly in the predawn of September 16, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy fulfilled his promised veto Thursday morning.

Republicans tried to rally for Malloy to sign their budget, which was passed by CT lawmakers.

The governor also took aim at the way the GOP budget funds municipal aid and local education, saying on the education side that it could reverse progress in districts that have seen strides in recent years.

"I can not overstate the urgency of the need for all parties to come together to negotiate a realistic, responsible budget that addresses our state's fiscal issues, distributes eduction aid equitably, and balances without the use of illusory gimmicks", Malloy wrote.

"[This budget] cuts hundreds of millions of dollars from our colleges and universities, endangering our economic competitiveness", Malloy said.

Senate Republican President Pro Tempore Len Fasano (R-North Haven) called on lawmakers to reject Malloy's veto which he said "has now put CT in chaos". Such an action requires a two-thirds vote: 101 in the House and 24 in the Senate.

Republicans have called on Democrats to join them in trying to override the governor's veto, warning that chaos will ensue next month, without a full state budget.

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In particular, Malloy said opposed the Republicans' proposed savings from changes in 2027 to the state employee pension system, their distribution of municipal aid, and their level of cuts to higher education, among other policies.

"Make no mistake, the governor has stamped his seal on this crisis faced by municipalities and people who depend on core state services", she said in a statement.

In his veto message, Malloy criticized the measure for multiple reasons.

The veto was announced Thursday afternoon shortly before a meeting between the Governor, Democratic, and Republican leadership from the House and Senate.

As of Friday, it's been 90 days without a spending plan in place.

Malloy, a second-term Democrat who is not running for reelection, had said he would not approve the Republican-supported budget.

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