Leonardo DiCaprio Would Love To Play Stan Lee In Potential Biopic

Leonardo DiCaprio Would Love To Play Stan Lee In Potential Biopic

Leonardo DiCaprio Would Love To Play Stan Lee In Potential Biopic

Rumors started flying earlier this month that if Martin Scorsese is going to produce one of the (many) new movies about the Joker, then maybe, just maybe, Warner Bros. could convince Marty's muse, Leonardo DiCaprio, to slap on the white face paint and break out the green hair dye. There hasn't been a film about Lee's life yet, but according to Lee, he's already spoken to Leonardo DiCaprio about playing him on the big screen. The Oscar victor would like to play famed comics writer Stan Lee-according to, well, Stan Lee.

Anderson told the audience about the time DiCaprio, who was then Lee's neighbor, rushed to his auto to talk to him. Lee and manager Max Anderson related an incident in which a starstruck DiCaprio ran down Lee's vehicle in order to meet the Marvel legend, and invite him into his home.

Could Lee be skipping out on Captain Marvel? Lee isn't entirely certain DiCaprio is "good-looking enough" to play him, but one thing that is working in his favor is the fact that he "has all the walls covered with big Marvel posters and everything".

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Die-hard DiCaprio fans may have already known this bit of trivia. He's an icon and revered by both those who love comics and those who love the movies and TV shows those comics are adapted into.

Anderson also said he and DiCaprio discussed the possibility of a potential biopic, but Lee joked that he wasn't too sure about the casting. Though this take does sound like a fun idea, we'd love to see a film that explores Lee's complex relationships with his fellow creators Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, whom many believe were robbed (by Lee) of the credit they deserved for some of the characters they worked on together.

Of course, there's plenty more work for Lee in the months ahead.

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