McCain torpedos Republican effort to repeal Obamacare

Saying he would "like to be a yes", Cruz noted that "Right now, they don't have my vote and I don't think they have Mike Lee's (R-UT) either". John McCain's opposition to the latest GOP effort to pass a health care bill "sad" and "a frightful, disgusting thing for the Republican Party". Cassidy, one of the sponsors of the Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill, calling the Louisiana Senator a liar on his ABC show, Jim Kimmel Live, a few times.

"I believe we could do better working together, Republicans and Democrats, and have not yet really tried, " McCain said. Lindsay Graham's best friend in the Senate can't support it. Friday, Sen. Graham also vowed to "press on" with his legislation. Chuck Schumer sold John McCain a bill of goods.

Trump said that McCain's last senatorial campaign "was all about repeal and replace, repeal and replace". But Maine GOP Sen. Lamar Alexander and Democratic Sen.

The focus now shifts to two female GOP moderates, Sens. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of ME, and the revised legislation may be released this weekend, Politico reports.

A dramatic late-night "no" vote from Mr McCain - just days after he was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour - sunk that bill, too.

She added, "The problem is, CBO may have a very hard time analyzing the bill because it still seems to be a moving target, even over the weekend". Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, who has not declared a position but has said she has considerable doubts about the proposal.

But Trump held out some hope that Paul and Murkowski still could vote yes.

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The GOP's latest attempt at an Obamacare repeal bill seemed to take more fatal blows Sunday, with Republican Sens.

The bill, authored by Sens.

The Graham-Cassidy bill is Republicans' last chance to repeal Obamacare using the budget reconciliation method, which allows legislation to move forward with a simple majority. McCain's statement of opposition means the Graham-Cassidy bill is likely dead in the water.

The groups said Graham-Cassidy would cause patients to lose important protections and undermine those with pre-existing conditions; would implement "dramatic cuts" to Medicaid for vulnerable citizens; would make coverage more expensive; and contained "unworkable" timelines for implementation. "But that has not been the case", he said.

A vote on the new GOP health care legislation could come as early as next week.

Paul, however, said his opposition to the bill comes as a result of viewing it as "Obamacare lite". "I call upon Speaker Ryan to now initiate a bipartisan effort in the House to improve and update the Affordable Care Act", Pelosi said in a statement. Trump condemned Paul on twitter for his decision.

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