Meet Harvey & Irma: Washington couple celebrating 75 years of marriage

Irma and Harvey Schluter. Source Twitter @datanimefriend

Irma and Harvey Schluter. Source Twitter @datanimefriend

Harvey and Irma Schluter share names with the two hurricanes that have threatened the southern the past two weeks.

Irma and Harvey married in 1942 when Franklin D. Roosevelt was the president of the United States. It should come as no surprise, then, that a couple named Harvey and Irma would be a match made in heaven - and Harvey and Irma Schluter's 75-year relationship is a testament to that fact.

For this reason Harvey, which has been the name for six other storms since 1981, popped up again this year.

Mrs Schluter told the New York Times said the impact of the storms is "really sad". However, it is worth noting if a husband and wife have the same names of two devastating hurricanes that happened around the same time. Harvey, 104, was a longtime barber in Hillyard, where he owned Harvey's Shop. "I shut the door because I didn't know who it was". The World Meteorological Organization began alternating men's and women's names for tropical storms born over the Atlantic in 1979.

The couple celebrated their 75th anniversary in March at a local church in Spokane. Two things that were here before and will be here after the other Harvey and Irma pass into history.

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"The kids were here and they were telling me about the hurricanes, and I thought they were just goofing around", Irma told PEOPLE magazine. That's because hurricanes that cause severe damage or kill and injure many people are candidates for retirement, according to the National Hurricane Center. But in 2011, Hurricane Irene pummeled the Caribbean and many cities on the East Coast, so that name was retired. The couple confess they're a little bewildered by all the attention.

"Some of that stuff upsets me", said Irma, 92.

As of today, people have been advised to leave Miami, Florida because of the threat of #Hurricane Irma that is expected to be more damaging than the one that hit Houston, Texas just a few days ago.

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