Protest erupts at Pelosi's news conference on DREAM Act in San Francisco

Protest erupts at Pelosi's news conference on DREAM Act in San Francisco

Protest erupts at Pelosi's news conference on DREAM Act in San Francisco

There seems to be this idea floating around in Washington that President Trump is so eager to get Democratic support for a deal on immigration reform - maybe even tax reform - that he would accept a Democratic proposal for a border security package, even if it doesn't include the enormous wall that seemed to be evolving during the campaign.

The Dream Act is the official legislation to replace the Obama-era immigration program known as DACA, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which President Trump announced he would end in six months.

Trump later disputed a claim by Pelosi and Schumer that the three had reached an agreement on a plan for DACA participants that excluded Trump's plans to build a border wall. "The idea of the wall is to reduce illegal immigration and he hasn't even put up a wall and look how much it has been reduced". She says it does not matter whether or not she and Trump like each other. But the White House and Congressional Republicans say nothing is finalized. "The Democrats are the ones who stopped their assault on sanctuary cities, stopped the wall, stopped the increased deportations in our latest bill... and we are determined to get Republican votes to pass the clean Dream Act".

Trump's decision to not insist on funding for the wall as a condition of any deal wasn't seen as a betrayal to Kelsey Bayliss, a pharmacist from Wellman, Iowa. The promise will be kept, and I think I know how. But I think that on this one they will remain relatively quiet. "And we need to do a little more persuasion".

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"I think this is the beginning of the art of the deal and it's about time".

"We will absolutely stand behind President Donald Trump", said Iowa GOP Chairman Jeff Kaufmann from the podium. As Republicans, we need to win more political arguments.

The crowd applauded and some even gave Kaufmann's pledge a standing ovation.

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