Puerto Rico in 'deep trouble', says Trump

More than 3.4 million US citizens there still lack adequate food, water and fuel five days after Maria pounded the island as a Category 4 hurricane. He said that Puerto Rican residents would have to pay at least twice as much for food, drinking water and other supplies without the waiver.

Richardson told her family they could come stay with her, but after they bought a pricey plane ticket, they were told the only people allowed to leave the island were military families.

Almost the entire Puerto Rican power distribution system was damaged in the wake of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, the Pentagon revealed in a Tuesday statement. New attention on the island's catastrophic flooding, wind damage and nearly total lack of power had Triangle residents scrambling to help Tuesday. Just 37% of people ages 18-29 knew that island-born boris are USA citizens.

A waiver would allow Puerto Rico to get help not only from US ships but from any ships that can bring aid. "We're doing a good job".

Malabet says he is working with local churches and officials to help hurricane victims in Puerto Rico. The Puerto Rico governor asked for urgent federal aid to deal with "unprecedented" destruction. Amid the worst humanitarian crisis in modern Puerto Rico's history, Trump reminded the world that the commonwealth still had a $115 billion debt that Wall Street will still need to collect.

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It took President Trump five full days to respond after Hurricane Maria wreaked havoc on Puerto Rico - and when he finally did, Twitter wasn't happy with his choice of words.

"We've called the cell phone, we've called the land line, we've not been able to get through", said Mayor Rosas. Those remaining on the island have had to wait for supplies from the US government.

"I figured they were probably ok but just to hear exactly how it went and what they went through, it was a relief to know they were ok", he said. One option is United for Puerto Rico.

Regardless though, we are not here to rant about Trump not coming to aid Puerto Rico soon enough.

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