Simran movie review: Kangana Ranaut highlights her Kleptomaniac side

Kangana Ranaut in Simran

Kangana Ranaut in Simran

Keen on buying her own property in the minority quota as it is affordable, Praful saves every dollar painstakingly, but one day in Las Vegas where she goes for her cousin Ambar's (Aneesha Joshi) bachelorette, she blows it all up in a casino.

The Queen of Bollywood is back with her latest female oriented comedy drama Bollywood flick 'Simran.' The film has hit the theaters today i.e. September 15, Friday. The media brands her the "lipstick bandit", and the Atlanta cops and the victimised bank employees seem like a bunch of jokers, who keep harping on the fearless bandit's modus operandi, and yet, they fail to foil the half-a-dozen heists! Will this be an end to her struggles or will this create more havoc in her personal life? Right from Queen to Tanu Weds Manu Returns, she has proven her worth on each occasions. There Praful loses all her savings and subsequently borrows thousands of dollars from two risky loan sharks. Ranaut brings flippancy to the character that often feels misplaced given Praful's circumstances.

Currently, the Aligarh hero is busy promoting his upcoming film, Newton.

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Kangana plays a Gujarati housekeeping lady in the USA, who allows ambition to get the better of her and gets involved in a world of crime. Her flawless performance covers up for the flaws in the story and her endearing antics makes up for the weakly sketched character that she plays. As Praful Patel, she epitomizes the good, bad and ugly of life of a single Indian woman.

More than two decades ago there was the docile NRI Simran who wouldn't even dare to dream in her sleep without her bauji's permission. The thieving may have started unknowingly but she begins to enjoy it, even taking god's blessings for success in her enterprise. The American characters appear to be the locals who were picked from the streets to act in a "Bollywood film". She doesn't fear rejection from the opposite sex and that comes from a space of self-respect, self-love and confidence. Here she was robbing one bank after the other, sans any strategy and without doing much about her appearance and still managed to not get caught. Watch it only for Kangana Ranaut.

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