UN says 389000 Rohingyas have fled

UN says 389000 Rohingyas have fled

UN says 389000 Rohingyas have fled

Turkish aid agencies on Monday launched a nationwide aid campaign for Rohingya Muslims fleeing violence in Myanmar's western Rakhine state.

The Myanmar government says almost 40% of Rohingya villages are now empty in the northernmost part of Rakhine, but argues not all have run from army operations, insisting some were either linked to the "extremist terrorists" or scared of them.

Is this new?: Yes and no. Rohingya families have fled Myanmar for Bangladesh since the 1970s, BBC reported. The Rohingya are stateless and are considered one of the most persecuted peoples in the world.

UNSC expresses concern over situation in Myanmar: THE UN Security Council has expressed concern over violence in Myanmar's restive Rakhine state from where thousands of Rohingya Muslims have fled to Bangladesh, asking the government to take immediate steps to de-escalate the situation and re-establish law and order.

Myanmar's de facto leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, has canceled a trip this month to the UN General Assembly as the crisis escalates.

The European Parliament calls upon the "military and security forces in Myanmar to immediately cease the killings, harassment and rape of the Rohingya people, and the burning of their homes", a statement said.

McConnell warned against "unfounded criticism" of Suu Kyi, noting that she has no command over the powerful military which ran the country for 50 years.

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"They confirmed that the worldwide community stands ready to support the Government of Myanmar with its implementation", the statement said. In it she vowed to find a solution to long-running ethnic and religious hatreds in Rakhine "that will lead to peace, stability and development for all communities within the state". Bangladesh "urgently calls on the government of Myanmar to repatriate the Rohigya within Bangladesh's borders, and on the worldwide community to pressure Myanmar to do so".

India has had to modify its position to acknowledge the refugee crisis in Bangladesh after Dhaka indicated that it was not happy with Indian statements during Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Myanmar, which only talked of "extremist violence".

Ms Maguire said the Nobel Women's Initiative had been in contact with Ms Suu Kyi since her release in 2010 and raised concerns about the Rohingya people with her in person at the United Nations a year ago.

He also called the violence, which has disproportionately affected the country's Rohingya Muslim community, "unacceptable", and said the attacks - which some have deemed ethnic cleansing - "has to stop". "India stands ready to provide any assistance required by the government of Bangladesh in this hour of need", the MEA said in the press release.

But outside of her country Suu Kyi's reputation as a rights defender is in ruins over the Rohingya crisis.

Al Qaeda militants have called for support for Myanmar's Rohingya Muslims, who are facing a security crackdown that has sent about 400,000 of them fleeing to Bangladesh, warning that Myanmar would face "punishment" for its "crimes".

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