With hurricanes, we see climate science confirmed

Hurricane Harvey Caused 500,000-Year Floods in Some Areas

Friends reconnect in the midst of rising floodwaters. Credit Scott Olson Getty Images

INDUSTRY-WIDE retail sales in August and September will fall in the wake of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, with apparel retailers such as Gap Inc (GPS.N) expected to take a longer-term hit than restaurant operators including Starbucks Corp (SBUX.O).

According to EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, for scientists to "use time and effort to address" the cause of these massive, anomalous storms would be "very, very insensitive to the people in Florida". "I've seen it and I certainly trust the evidence that climate change is real, it's happening, it's affecting us now, and it will affect us in the future".

So we had two Grist scribes discuss whether it was a good idea for us to follow our instincts and shout "climate change is here" into the internet. And meteorologist-turned-journalist Eric Holthaus, a contributing writer at Grist, had answers. Already, we are paying billions to clean up and rebuild after these storms; Citigroup has estimated that the total bill for unchecked climate change will be more than $40 trillion.

While humans may cause changes in the climate, now is not the time to insert politics into an apolitical situation.

The Trump Administration should at least be insisting that coastal communities in Texas and Florida be rebuilt taking climate change into account.

Irma Harvey raise questions Is this. It's like asking if a person's alcoholism caused her to get into a particular vehicle accident. Meanwhile, in the last five years, surface temperature rose about 0.5°F, leading many to believe that the climate is indeed changing.

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Nathanael: And it does, right? That is less than 1 percent of the company's quarterly sales. That's basic physics. It doesn't mean it will hold that additional water vapor, but it can.

According to the "final draft" of the report, which was provided to the New York Times by authors anxious about Pruitt's political interference, it is "likely" that hurricanes' maximum wind speeds and rainfall rates will increase. So far, the world has seen its fair share of extreme weather events. But even small acts can have big results.

"I think it's uninformed". Is climate change likely to increase wind? It was the strongest hurricane to be recorded in the Atlantic.

After the storm formed, it intensified quickly. Instead of debating climate change, let's just trust most scientists and hold ourselves accountable.

Eric: It's irresponsible not to mention the quickly increasing number of people and amount of property in harm's way.

Eric: Yep, these problems are related. Some chose to ride out the storm and were fortunate to escape the worst. And since so many things affect our climate, there are things we can do to make a difference.

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