World's first sex robot Samantha makes live TV debut on This Morning

Sex doll Samantha

ITVArran introduced Samantha the sex doll to This Morning

It's a supplement to help people enhance their relationship.

Joking it would be like "making love to a auto GPS", Phil went on to say he had touched the doll and it was so cold "it felt like a corpse".

"When we brought her in the vehicle they really enjoyed having her there".

"A sex robot is not to replace people and we're not trying to replace women".

'She can talk about animals, she can talk about philosophy, she can talk about science.

"I have two children myself and Samantha has a family mode".

"I think the world's changing", Squire concluded.

Sex robot engineer Sergei Santos is intent on bringing his creations to the masses.

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"Yes... and when I put her in the auto, they really enjoy having her..." I am not anxious about someone else for Aaron to have an affair. "We're working on ways where she can be linked to a higher power source and then she could be warm", he said.

Psychologist Emma Kenny didn't share Arran's point of view, saying: 'I think it's very submissive.

"This sexual feitish is outside the spectrum of normality".

Holly Willoughby
ITVHolly was mortified when Arran revealed the toy has a"family mode

"She's not real. She's a piece of whatever you've made".

Arran's wife told viewers she was completely fine with Samantha.

Other sex dolls have been developed, with even more hyper-realistic features.

Arran also explained that the robot is "hygenic".

Asked whether the doll's voice made it seem like he was having sex with a vehicle Global Positioning System, he said the doll was a "very beautiful" robot in human form. "Daddy has sex with Samantha, and Samantha's not mummy".

Surprisingly, Arran's wife, who was in the studio, said she wasn't anxious by 'Samantha.

"Emotional connections are the foundations of relationships and that's what we are simulating".

She said: "But at some point they're going to go, 'I'm now old enough to realise that daddy has sex with Samantha and Samantha's not mummy.' Is that a bit unusual?"

"But that's different sex than when you actually get to know someone and you bond with them intellectually and emotionally".

Squire manufactures an "advanced" sex doll called Samantha, which he believes can enhance people's performance in the bedroom, but also be incorporated into family life.

And owners can even go as far as selecting Harmony's character traits in order to aid with their seduction, having the choice to make her kind, shy, naive and, unsurprisingly, sexual.

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