Adrian Peterson Jesus Got Me Traded to Cards ... 'He Answered My Prayer'

Cardinals have quite the collection of Pro Bowlers

Cardinals have quite the collection of Pro Bowlers

In his first news conference as a member of the Arizona Cardinals on Wednesday, Peterson said he didn't push to get traded from the Saints, nor did he ask for a trade, but he was looking to get out of New Orleans.

With the trade to the Arizona Cardinals this week, let's dig into the numbers to see if Adrian Peterson is worth keeping on your fantasy squad let alone slotting into your starting lineup.

Adrian Peterson isn't the first great player to disappear into obscurity in the desert.

If this was the Peterson of 2015 talking, we might believe it. Peterson has not scored a touchdown since Week 17 of 2015, sadly enough.

Peterson is a four-time first-team All-Pro and was a Pro Bowl selection seven times. Peterson had 27 carries for the Saints for 81 yards. The Cardinals have been seeking for ways to improve a running game that's last in the National Football League in total yards and yards per carry. But the idea of him playing 4-5 more seasons is absolutely absurd.

"I've been knowing Larry for a long time", Peterson said, "and I've never heard the excitement in his voice that I heard when he called".

Peterson's mentality meshes with what coach Bruce Arians said he saw on film from the running back in limited opportunities this season.

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WIKIMEDIA COMMONSCan Peterson be even half the back in Arizona that he was in Minnesota?

"It means a lot", he said. Not to say that wasn't necessarily the case in New Orleans because me and (coach Sean) Payton, we talked. "They are two very complete backs, you know, that can be in in any given situation whether that's running in between the tackles or outside the tackles or catching balls out of the backfield splitting them out, picking up protection - you know those guys can do it all".

Peterson will not wear his customary No. 28.

"We had a conversation". ". I'll be wearing a different number".

Someone has to run the ball in Arizona, and it appears Peterson is that guy - especially with the release of Chris Johnson. This morning, Peterson expressed elation upon learning of his trade to Arizona, a team beyond his fix.

"I'm sure if they could flash back, they probably would have did things differently", Peterson said. "I was just blessed to have the opportunity to meet him and just to play alongside him and be mentored by him in the short little bit of time we did have".

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