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In the nominations, half of the contestants nominate Hina and Sapna Chaudhary while another half nominate Hina and Hiten Tejwani.

Bigg Boss 11 never fails to make it to the news and now it seems that every week when the captain of the house is chosen, it becomes a controversial thing for other inmates in the house. But when big boss seeks only two names Benasfshas's name was kicked-off which irked her. Vikas, who was stripped off his captaincy for attacking Puneesh can not be the captain till he's inside the house, hence he will stay away from the competition.Team Vikas had done an exceptional job winning the Luxury Budget task. On the other side, Arshi, Benafsha and Bandagi are bitching about Hina as she is meditating in the garden. Just like last week, when Vikas Gupta's captaincy were not approved by a few members, this week again Sapna, Arshi and some others were seen upset by the decision.

In the task, supporters have to sit in an empty box and the contestants have to fill that box with the sand and supporters have to empty that box. Hina selects Hiten and Sapna selects Puneesh.

Bigg Boss arranges a talk show in which Vikas Gupta is the host of the show.

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With more sand in her container, Hina won the task and became the second captain of the house.

After winning the luxury budget task this week, Vikas Gupta's team is eligible for captaincy.

Vikas Gupta asks Akash Dadlani whom he wants to get evicted. Hina and Sapna try to convince the other 'gharwale' to throw sand in the opposite contenders' glass container. Hina Khan asks some questions to Akash about his overconfidence. The gherwale chose Sapna Choudhary and Hina Khan to perform the captaincy task with mutual consent though Benafsha Soonawala wasn't happy with the decision as she thought she performed equally well in the task. The second one to come up was Luv Tyagi, who was also one of the padosis of Bigg Boss. Benafsha Soonawalla asks Hina Khan why she thinks that she is always right. Puneesh and Luv also get into a tiff where the former says that he wanted to create a love triangle between Bandagi and both of them, but Puneesh didn't let that happen.

How excited are you to see Dhinchak Pooja on Bigg Boss 11? Stay tuned for more updates.

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