Boyfriend of slain Md. teacher indicted on murder charge

Laura Wallen

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The man accused of killing a Montgomery County teacher was indicted for murder in court Thursday.

Tyler Tessier, 33, of Boyds, was arrested last month and charged with killing Laura Wallen, his girlfriend.

Wallen disappeared in September after her family reported her missing on Labor Day.

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Wallen's autopsy revealed she had been shot in the back of the head.

Authorities said they believe the motive behind Wallen's murder was connected to a love triangle between Wallen, Tessier and another woman Tessier was engaged to be married with. In the days before her body was found, Tessier held an emotional news conference with Wallen's parents, who called for her safe return. Tessier was involved in a romantic relationship with a second woman. According to court documents, Tessier sent messages to them pretending to be Wallen, stating that she was anxious that somebody else was the father.

Her body was discovered after police saw suspicious tire tracks into a neighboring plot while executing a search warrant on a Damascus home belonging to an acquaintance of Tessier's.

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