Calipari tires of questions about FBI investigation at United Kingdom media day

SEE IT: John Calipari tries to skip question about FBI investigations, reporter demands answer

John Calipari: 'None of us know where this thing's going'

Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari said on Thursday that he has not been contacted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the NCAA regarding the current scandal that has rocked college basketball. Calipari was asked repeatedly about the FBI investigation that torpedoed rival Rick Pitino, until he grew exasperated and demanded a basketball question. He got a specific question about if he'd miss the rivalry with Pitino. "Please. Does anyone here have a question about my team?" Credit to Tipton for insisting on asking his question. Calipari wanted to talk basketball and was trying to steer the questions in that direction.

Tipton: "Wait a minute". Tipton, still holding the microphone, replied that, "This is a media day, not coach day".

"I'm just happy I'm not involved in it, or anything here at Kentucky", forward Wenyen Gabriel said when asked what he thinks of the investigation.

Calipari: "Ask it. OK. You can then not answer it", Tipton bluntly told Calipari.

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It only gets better from there as Calipari looks somewhat befuzzled that the reporter bit back at him. Kentucky is a Nike school. "What reassurance would you give your fanbase, the Big Blue Nation, if they're anxious about what this could mean". I don't know where all this is going. "None of us know where this thing's going. Do we know if it's true?"

When Tipton reiterated the news had been "reported", Calipari responded, "Oh, that makes it true".

"I have no comment to it, we haven't been contacted, the NCAA hasn't contacted us, we're going about our business of coaching this team". The Wildcats coach asked the rest of the reporters in the room if anybody else had any other questions, but Tipton wasn't having any of it. How about a basketball question?

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