Check Out These New Licensed PS4 Controllers

Check Out These New Licensed PS4 Controllers

Check Out These New Licensed PS4 Controllers

Last year, Nacon and Razer released competitive "Pro" controllers to the system.

Sony has announced a few officially-licensed wired PlayStation 4 controllers - and one of them looks a bit like a Nintendo Switch Joy-Con. Like all the other controllers in this collection, this one offers the full range of core controls - two triggers; two bumpers; dual thumbsticks with L3/R3 functionality; share, option, and PS buttons; and four action buttons. It comes with a 3m long cable and features an LED on the front which can display in-game information such as your player number or health status in compatible games.

Our next addition is from well-known gaming accessory maker @PLAY, who have created a different but equally comfortable compact controller. Core controls are all present, and like the compact controller from Nacon, @PLAY's features a stereo headset jack, touch pad, vibration motors, and a 3m cable. Older players would love it for its "retro" design.

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The HORI Wired Mini Gamepad, designed with younger players in mind, is a shrunken version of the PS4 controller, that features smaller grips and reduces the touchpad to a small button.

The Wired Compact Controller will launch in November across the region, available in Black, Blue, Grey, Orange and Red colours. You can also simulate a range of touch pad gestures using both sticks. Not just because of the blue and red color options (also available in black), but because of the shape and size as well.

Jump over to the official PlayStation blog via the link below for more details on all the new PlayStation 4 controllers that will be joining the lineup.

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