Doctor Curses at Patient, Tells Her to Get Out

Doctor Curses at Patient, Tells Her to Get Out

Doctor Curses at Patient, Tells Her to Get Out

Jessica Stipe initially posted the one-minute video on her Facebook page on Monday night after she said the doctor yelled at her when she complained she had been waiting at the Gainesville After Hours Clinic, 926 NW 13th St., for an hour and 15 minutes.

In her Facebook post, Stipe wrote that she was "severely sick" after which she came to the Gainesville After Hours Clinic with a 6:30 p.m. EDT appointment. "We've already been working on you".

When Stipe says she wants to go home, the doctor angrily tells her to "get the hell out". The Dr was mad I wanted my co pay back and was unhappy with having to wait so long and proceeded to cuss me out. "When he saw it was being recorded he snatched my baby's phone and shoved her when she tried to get it back", she wrote.

She was in "severe pain and throwing up in a trash can", she wrote.

Gallogly appeared to grab the girl's phone after she asked him the question. "You know this was uncalled for & for those of you who don't and are being rude and hateful to me and my child".

She tells the doctor that they've only done the urine test.

"If you go to CareSpot, you're waiting for three hours. Go to the ER and wait for nine hours", the doctor yelled, pointing a finger at Stipe.

"Get the f-- out of my office", he screams, as Stipe's daughter tells the doctor to get away from her mom.

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According to Gallogly, his office gave Stipe her refund; however, she refused to leave, which is why things escalated so quickly.

Stipe, who said her symptoms were later diagnosed as pnemonia, said Gallogly snatched her daughter's phone out of her hand when he realized she was recording. She noted that, though the police were there, they were unable to press charges because she has no injury. She asked for her $80 copayment back.

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The Gainesville Sun reports that the Gainesville Police Department confirmed that the doctor in the video, Peter Gallogly, is now under criminal investigation.

A representative from Gainesville After Hours, the clinic where the confrontation happened, declined to comment to WGFL.

"At the very end of the events, I most regrettably lost my temper, and spoke to the two women in a most unprofessional manner".

Gallogly apologized in his statement, saying he was defending his staff when he over-reacted, and that there was no excuse for his behavior.

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