Facebook bans rapper Lil B for 'hate speech'

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A representative for Facebook confirmed that the rapper's account had been suspended following a violation of the company's hate speech policies.

Check out Lil B's latest tweets below.

It's also not Lil B's first time being banned from the social network. I don't believe it and I love them!

The 28-year-old recording artist took to Twitter Tuesday and asked his 1 million-plus followers to question Facebook as to why they blocked him.

The nature of the posts that resulted in Facebook stepping in with a 30-day suspension is unclear. "Lil B", he wrote.

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Lil B's last post read: "Do the white nationalist or the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) or Neo-nazis really hate me? Il be silent love u - Lil B", the rapper wrote.

Facebook had earlier banned activist Shaun King for posting a racist message he received. In 2014, the rapper claimed he was banned for 30 days.

Facebook immediately removes anything it considers hate speech from its site daily.

Lil B commented on the matters himself tweeting out that he had been banned for "talking about white people".

Facebook deletes curses, slurs, calls for violence and several other types of attacks only when they are directed at "protected categories"-based on race, sex, gender identity, religious affiliation, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation and serious disability/disease". He is pictured on Apr.10, 2015 in Indio, California.

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