Former Hockeyroo Kate Hubble 'faked cancer documents' to cheat charity

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Former Hockeyroo Kate Hubble 'faked cancer documents' to cheat charity

Breast cancer survivor Roxy Jacenko has slammed ex-Hockeyroo player Kate Hubble, who this week pleaded guilty to pretending to have cancer in order to defraud the charity she worked for.

The former sports star, 32, told co-workers she had "months" to live after being diagnosed with cancer, and accepted the generosity of a Perth parent who had lost their child to cancer, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Agreed facts tendered in court reveals Hubble forged three letters from two doctors claiming she needed time off work following surgery and a private bathroom at work following intravenous immunotherapy treatment.

The former Hockeyroos goalkeeper started working for the Perth office of cancer charity Redkite in 2014.

She will be sentenced later this week.

The court papers state that at one stage she told Redkite's Human Resources General Manager Graeme Bartram, that, "my cancer is serious".

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In September 2015 Hubble asked her employer if she could be transferred to the Sydney office on "compassionate grounds", so she could undergo treatment.

'It's a disgrace and she should be ashamed of herself, ' a visibly emotional Roxy told A Current Affair on Tuesday night.

Hubble forged letters from medical personnel.

She admitted to forging medical letters from doctors in Sydney and Perth.

Her wage was paid by a benefactor of the charity whose daughter had died of cancer.

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