Fortnite: Battle Royale Hits 10 Million Players Since Launch

Fortnite Battle Royale 10 million

Fortnite: Battle Royale Hits 10 Million Players Since Launch

Epic Games have been celebrating a lot recently, with good cause.

Epic Games have just announced that the Battle Royale segment of the free to play title Fornite, has officially hit 10 million players since launch.

Epic Games has taken legal action against two prolific Fortnite Battle Royale cheaters.

PCGamesN reports that Epic Games is now going after two players named Vraspir and Broom for infringing the company's copyrights.

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Epic also hinted that something like this was coming, saying that they were "constantly working against both the cheaters themselves and the cheat providers".

"Nobody likes a cheater", the document reads.

Epic filed civil complaints Tuesday against two alleged associates of Addicted Cheats, a website that provides aimbotting services to players. "Defendant uses cheats in a deliberate attempt to destroy the integrity of, and otherwise wreak havoc in, the Fortnite game".

As seen in the infographic attached to the tweet below, Epic Games and People Can Fly made a decision to not only announce the player milestone that Fortnite has hit, but also figured that fans could use some additional statistics about the game's free-to-play PvP companion mode. The pair face statutory damages of up to $150,000. The company already stated that it's banned thousands of accounts but that that it will also be "exploring every measure to ensure these cheaters are removed and stay removed from Fortnite Battle Royale and the Epic ecosystem". However, if you want to send a strong message against potential cheaters, this is the way to do it.

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