Harvey Weinstein tricked by email prankster

Elizabeth Wagmeister

Harvey Weinstein tricked by email prankster

Weinstein's spokeswoman Sallie Hofmeister issued a statement in response to the allegations in the article. The former U.S. president and his wife have condemned the movie mogul, who is also a long-time Democratic Party-supporter.

Disgraced media mogul Harvey Weinstein's wife is leaving him, saying her "heart breaks for all the women who have suffered".

The latest accusations are a hugely damaging escalation of the scandal.

"Lisa, I've had time to think, and I do understand why you felt unable to remain on my team", said the prankster posing as Weinstein to the producer's former legal adviser Lisa Bloom.

As Delevingne concluded her statement, she praised other women who have come forward and made it pointedly clear that victims of sexual harassment and assault are never to blame for an aggressor's behavior.

The investigation was published as fresh misconduct allegations emerged from Hollywood A-listers such as Angelina Jolie, Rosanna Arquette and Gwyneth Paltrow.

In a since deleted Instagram video, Lindsay Lohan says she "feels bad for Harvey Weinstein right now".

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In this case, Google got there first, introducing voice recognition for the Google Home smart speaker this past April. The device is compatible with Echo and any other Alexa device tied to an Amazon account.

When pushed to be "candid" by the prankster on specific reasons why she left his side, she responded "Sexual assault", according to CNN.

Argento said she has not spoken until now because she feared it would ruin her career to do so.

The Obama's developed a relationship close enough to Weinstein that daughter Malia - now a Harvard freshman - interned for his movie company in NY earlier this year. I think everyone needs to stop - I think it's wrong.

A spokesperson for USC confirmed to BuzzFeed News that the decision to nix Weinstein's endowment was made on Tuesday (Oct. 10) - the same day The New Yorker published a story that included three women's stories of being raped by Weinstein and the New York Times published a follow-up story detailing new allegations of harassment and coercion. "I thought he was going to fire me", Paltrow added.

Weinstein donated to Clinton's presidential campaign a year ago and contributed to her two Senate runs in 2006 and 2000, respectively, according to Federal Election Commission records.

Delevingne said that a year or two after that initial interaction, she was scheduled to meet with both Weinstein and a director in a hotel lobby to discuss an upcoming film.

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