Haysville sexual assault survivor joins nationwide "me too" movement

Haysville sexual assault survivor joins nationwide

Haysville sexual assault survivor joins nationwide "me too" movement

On various social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, women are sharing their stories of sexual assault and harassment.

"Actress Alyssa Milano launched her #MeToo Twitter campaign on Sunday (15Oct17) to further break the taboo surrounding the public discussion of sexual assault and harassment, encouraging fellow social media users to post their stories using the "#MeToo" hashtag.

"For 20 years now, I've been trying to tell my story as honestly as possible and basically with the goal of never having to hear, "Me too" ever again", Union said today on ABC's "Good Morning America". She's not sure that the increase is directly tied to 2016's social media movements, but she suspects a similar uptick will happen with #MeToo.

She said the movement is one of solidarity and made her more sensitive to those struggling with assault and any type of harassment. Heflin says she soon filed a restraining order and started therapy, and that she's not a victim anymore but a survivor. "I will continue to keep educating", she said on GMA. She wants to dispel as many misconceptions about sexual violence as possible.

It's a way for people to see just how prevalent sexual assault and harassment are. "I think this is bringing that fact to peoples attention in a little bit [of a] different way because it is just so many people saying, "Wow I had no idea that this many people that I knew had had these kinds of experiences".

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At the very least, Hood said, the #MeToo hashtag can spread the word that catcalling, groping and other "normalized" behaviors toward strangers are not OK. "And this book is just reaching across [saying], 'I got you, I hear you, I see you".

"Sometimes it's very therapeutic to say what happened to you".

"That was the first one and it's so devastating, but you're also filled with such shame because we told people". "And I'm sorry you had to wait so long to learn that for yourself".

Now, the We're Gonna Need More Wine author has vowed to keep the conversation going. When she was younger, she felt like "she didn't have any value".

So it came as no surprise when a man approached Hood and a group of other women at a bar in north Spokane on Saturday night.

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