Jane Fonda knew of Weinstein claims, 'I should've been braver'

Jane Fonda knew of Weinstein claims, 'I should've been braver'

Jane Fonda knew of Weinstein claims, 'I should've been braver'

"I was not that bold", the two-time Oscar victor said, declining to share details of Arquette's encounter.

She added that President Trump's election marked a setback for the effort to combat such behavior.

Fonda, an Academy Award victor, spoke to Amanpour about her own past experiences with sexual harassment and abuse.

"I guess it hadn't happened to me, and so I didn't feel that it was my place", said Fonda in regards to why she did not tell others about Weinstein's alleged misconduct. Not people they need.

"I only met Harvey when I was old", @Janefonda tells me. He didn't treat the people that worked with him well.

She said she now regretted staying silent.

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As a sexual assault survivor herself, Jane took a moment to remind Christiane and her viewers that Harvey's impropriety is not some rare occurrence - especially in Hollywood. "It's this male entitlement - in Hollywood, and everywhere". She said she suspected it was because "I was old, and Harvey goes for young because that's more vulnerable". "And I'm ashamed that I didn't say anything right then". "Women are assaulted, abused, harassed and seen for just being sexual objects that are for a man's desire instead of as whole human beings".

The actress, who rose to global prominence in the 1960s starring in films such as "Barefoot in the Park", and as an iconic figure in the anti-Vietnam War movement, revealed she had faced sexual harassment from an unnamed French director when she was aged 21.

"I found out about Harvey about a year ago and I'm ashamed that I didn't say anything right then", Fonda told CNN. Fonda did not name him or the project, but noted that the director flew to Los Angeles to meet with her and explain the script, which is when the incident occurred.

She cautioned against characterizing Weinstein's years-long abuse as being "some unique, horrific" case, saying "this goes on all the time".

"I got hired even though I didn't give him what he wanted", she recounted, noting she had nonetheless kept quiet about the proposition. "You have to understand that you have control over your body and that you have to say no". "I should've been braver and I think that from now on I will be when I hear such stories", Fonda told a live audience, including several members of Britain's parliament, gathered for the interview.

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