Leaked Overwatch Halloween Skins - Oh, My Cthulhu!

3 of 7JunkratImage via Blizzard Entertainment

3 of 7JunkratImage via Blizzard Entertainment

Like the vengeful spirit of a demonic prom queen, the Overwatch "Halloween Terror" event has returned!

Running from today through November 2, Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017 is sure to reignite your Overwatch fire. As we remember from a year ago the Junkenstein PvE mode was set in the area before the castle's gate so the changes made now must mean something.

There's also a new PvE based event called Junkenstein's Revenge, where you can shut down the competition in a spooky surrounding.

Blizzard has unleashed the Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017 event, bringing with it 50 new unlockables that include several new skins and a revamped version of the popular brawl from a year ago. Junkenstein's Revenge: Endless Night sees players face wave after wave of enemies and bosses.

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For anyone interested in what new Overwatch Halloween skins will be arriving, you can check out some of the leaked images below. For this event, Blizzard has released a total of 50 cosmetics overall, including portraits, voice lines, emotes, and more all up for grabs in the new loot boxes. Originally featuring only four selectable heroes (McCree, Hanzo, Ana and Soldier 76), players can now choose from an expanded pool of characters: Ana, Genji, Hanzo, McCree, Soldier: 76, Torbjorn, Widowmaker and Zenyatta.

You can see the awesome number of skins available at that link, including a Cthulhu-like Cultist look for Zenyatta, a Dr. Junkenstein costume for Junkrat, and so much more.

With the Overwatch Halloween event confirmed and ready to kick off next week, fans are eager to get back in the objective spirit with a spooky twist. Last year's event replaced all in-game loot boxes with Halloween-inspired jack-o'-lanterns. Last year's event saw quite a few stunning skins for the in-game heroes, including the beloved Mercy Witch ensemble. You can also purchase items you missed from last year's event with credits for a discounted price.

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