Liquor to cost more in Tamil Nadu

As many as 11,555 people have been diagnosed with dengue in Tamil Nadu out of which nearly 6,000 cases were reported in the last two months according to data released by the Union health ministry

Liquor to cost more in Tamil Nadu

The last hurdle for Ilayathalapathy Vijay's upcoming film Mersal has been cleared after the Tamil Nadu Producers Council and the state government arrived at a compromise on Friday.

With the new development, now the approximate ticket price at a multiplex theatre would be around Rs 200 (including Goods and Services Tax and 8 percent entertainment tax) and additional Rs 30 for internet booking charges.

Following opposition to the entertainment tax, theatres in Tamil Nadu did not release any new movie.

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"The Government says it is committed to prohibition in the State and the same government promotes it by increasing its prices", he said. The 20 percent local body tax on non-Tamil films, however, is still in place. The TFPC said food and beverage in canteens should be sold at MRP. The audience should henceforth have to shell out about Rs 206 to watch a Tamil film at multiplexes, while the ticket prices may be more than Rs 220 for other languages. After the government announcement, which came after several days of negotiation between the producers council and theatres, the council said that the movies will be released on Diwali as planned.

TNGEA leader M Anbarasu told Express, "We have demanded that the minimum pay should be fixed at Rs 26,000 but the government has given only Rs 15,700".

The Tamil Nadu government made a decision to increase liquor prices at a Cabinet meeting held on Wednesday, in a move that authorities say will add Rs 5,320 crore to the state's coffers. Movie ticket prices were capped at Rs 120 earlier.

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