Liverpool and Arsenal's Christmas Eve clash set for 12.30 kickoff?

Lukaku Salah & the Top 10 signings of the Premier League season so far

Lukaku Salah & the Top 10 signings of the Premier League season so far

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has stated his belief that the Gunners' Premier League home clash with Liverpool, which could potentially be moved to Christmas Eve to suit television broadcasters, should not kick off any later than 2pm.

"I know that we have to adapt to the schedule dictated by television, but overall I would say if that, personally, I don't think any games should be played after 2pm on Christmas Eve".

"I would prefer to be at home on Christmas night and celebrating".

News that the game would be played on December 24th the was met with an initial backlash from fans over travel concerns and a lack of tradition. I still feel that could happen if we play early.

A Christmas Eve Premier League fixture is also likely to put extra strain on emergency services, and make travel hard for fans.

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"You wouldn't want to sacrifice your evening with your family".

On Tuesday morning, fan representatives from supporters trusts and the FSF (Football Supporters Federation) met Richard Scudamore, with Premier League Christmas fixtures one of the subjects under discussion.

"R Scudamore commits to no PL TV KOs on Sunday mornings/nights. TV rights, KO times, standing, security", said a statement posted by FSF's Twitter account. Fans from all clubs represented.

"December PL TV picks will be announced 19 Oct but Xmas Eve games & beyond take another week to confirm". 6 week notice period to meet.

This official Premier League statement says much the same, apart from appearing to say all December TV games will be revealed on 19 October, with then only the January ones taking "possibly" a week longer. "Multiple TV KOs at same time".

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