Look At Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wild's Beautiful Environments

The Frozen Wilds is an expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn that takes place in the Cut, a boreal wasteland to the north that separates the Banuk homelands from the rest of the world. Some of the locations that players will get to visit are rivers, icy caves, a Banuk camp, and risky mountain paths, all of them creating a magic environment that fits perfectly in the impressive world created by the studio.

The Frozen Wilds' environment - which you can see in the trailer above - is all ice and snow and sleet, with the Banuk populace of the Cut clearly desperately eking out a living. You can get an eyeful of the kind of terrain you'll be navigating in time when the expansion launches later this year.

About a week ago, Guerrilla Games officially announced the forthcoming release of Horizon: Zero Dawn's Complete Edition, which will not only contain the open world action-adventure's base game, but also its DLC known as The Frozen Wilds.

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It's a rather short trailer, but provides a decent look at what to expect.

Check out the trailer above, and be prepared to explore The Frozen Wilds when the expansion releases on November 7.

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